We accept payments by bank transfer or PayPal (cash on delivery is possible only for domestic delivery in the Czech Republic).  If you choose classic Wire transfer, we will send you a proforma invoice, where you will get all information, how to pay. The production of images lasts usually 3-7 days, payment has to be done before we start to produce your order.

Production time

Each product has different delivery time. Simple prints are made the fastest. If you order mounting, lamination or framing, the production time is longer. You will find the exact date when the photo is completed or ready to be picked up in the overview in our special picture designer. In most cases, the production does not take longer than 10 business days. If you order some kind of reproductions or limited editions, the delivery time can be up to 5 weeks. It is also possible to order express production, in that case, we ask you for the extra price to cover extra costs. Extra costs depend on the exact configuration of the picture. Both, the exact price and the date is visible again in the picture designer. The following table provides an overview of shipping and payment options. The delivery time is the standard time of the shipping, it is the addition to the date of production of the pictures, which you will see in your order.


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